Adeglas supports customers throughout the value chain, from product concept to the after sales service.

flusso di sviluppo prodotto

Product concept

Our strength is to understand the customer’s needs and translate them into a product ideas developed according to multiple possibilities. Each of these is based on a chance of effective implementation and accompanied by a preliminary cost estimation. The design is then submitted to the customer for assessment.

Feasibility study and cost estimation

The desired product is designed with 2D or 3D CAD tools, with cost and usability targets. Adeglas is able to operate in co-design and to integrate into a Project management system, targeting on deliverables. The output of this phase is the technical feasibility, namely: time, cost and quality.

Rapid prototyping and product development

Adeglas is able to manufacture prototypes useful to product development activities, through 3D printer, using CNC machines, silicone molds or wooden mockups.

We design internally thermoforming moulds of PMMA and PC. This skill ensures rapid execution and construction precision.

On site commissioning

In case of need (civil constructions, exhibitions, …) Adeglas implements installations on site using skilled personnel.


Our best advertising is word of mouth by customers. This fact is achieved by following the needs of those who come to us even after the sale of the product, supporting them in the use and the maintenance. Our contacts are always available, you will find courtesy and interest.